Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Great Book

This is the cover of a great book I just read. It was written and illustrated by my niece Lauren who lives in Chicago.

The book is about a girl named Lucy who really wants a dog. All kinds of things happen to Lucy.

The chapters are:
One - "Expensive Stuff"
Two - "A Surprise on Sunday"
Three - "Not a Great Day!"
Four - "Finding Brandy"

Unfortunately, this book is not yet available in stores. But maybe one day you will be walking through your local bookstore and you might just see this book for sale. Buy it! It's a great book.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Part 1 (as always - click on pictures to enlarge)

White Rock, NM near Los Alamos

Look at that kid on the slide...he's awesome!

With Great Aunt Mary

Not so sure about the fireworks, yet.

4th of July Part 2 (as always - click on pictures to enlarge)

Eating with cousin Emma (just before he threw one of his toy trucks and hit her in the face)

Sitting with cousin Aiden

4th of July Part 3 (as always - click on pictures to enlarge)

4th of July Part 4

4th of July Part 5