Friday, September 4, 2009

Early Morning

September 4, 2009 (click on pictures to enlarge them)

6:04 am - I awake to Kade talking in his room. Miranda says he's been awake for half an hour.

6:09 am - I get out of bed to go peek in on him to see how he is getting out of his crib. He meets me in the hallway. I'm too late.

6:14 am - Kade is asking for oatmeal and Rudy is hopping around like he needs to pee. We all go downstairs.

6:15 am - I open the backdoor and Rudy goes out. As I am getting a treat for Rudy, Kade steps outside into the darkness and I hear him saying "Brrr, Brrr". It must be a little cool this morning.

6:17 am - Rudy and Kade come back inside and I hand the treat to Kade to give to Rudy. He quickly throws it behind the couch. I move the couch, get the treat and give it back to Kade. He throws it into the bathroom. Rudy goes in and eventually finds the treat.

6:20 am - Put Kade in chair and make him oatmeal. This is breakfast number one.

6:45 am - Clean oatmeal off of floor, table and out of Kade's hair.

6:50 am - Kade goes upstairs to see what Mama is doing.

7:15 am - Miranda makes toast for Kade.

7:45 am - Kade goes to daycare. Miranda and I go to work to get some rest!

ps - The scratch on Kade's head is minor and is just a scratch.


The Texas Woman said...

Stop beating that poor kid on his head, you two. At least hit him where the grandparents can't see the sores!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that I had to wait until the last photo and comment before I found out about the scratch on Kade's head ... What did happen? Kade looks so grown up - maybe it's the haircut.