Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bear Terror

Bear Terrorizes City, Hero Saves the Day

Santa Fe – A vicious black bear rampaged the streets of this small New Mexico town early Monday morning driving locals and tourists indoors for several hours until the threat was over.  Although the beast didn't injure anyone, there were some close calls.  Local resident and photographer Steven Walenta narrowly escaped the wrath of the crazed animal by hiding in a Port-O-Potty for nearly two hours.  When questioned, Walenta said "Good thang I ducked into the Port-O-Potty 'cause that bear scared the shit outta me!"  The incident was over just as quickly as it began when an unidentified local hero disabled the bear and undoubtedly saved numerous lives.  When asked for an interview, the hero just ran away.  

Exclusive video of the ordeal can be viewed below.  (Warning  - graphic content)  

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Cher said...

I.P. is a good writer. Good thing you got video of the incident or no one would believe you. In fact, I'm beginning to doubt it really happened myself! I.P. and Walenta might be smokin' those funny cigarettes.

Thank God for the half naked hero!