Friday, May 15, 2009

Photos of the Family

By special request (constant nagging) here are pictures of the family.  Sorry, no formal family pictures yet.

Steven in Junior High

Miranda in High School

Miranda 2005

Miranda 2005

Potty Training 2007

Grabbing for Mama's beer 2008

Yuma, Arizona 2008

Mine Shaft Tavern, Madrid, NM 2008

Kade's one year birthday

Kade's one year birthday

BC - Before Children

Preparing for fatherhood, 2005

Wedding Day 2006

Merle Haggard concert 2005.

Christmas Party 2005 or 2006


Cher said...

I loved the pictures but where's Steven? I saw some ol' bald guy but not Steven (Crowd noise grows loud with chanting: We want Steven. We want Steven.)

And I saw a lovely female who couldn't be Mrs. Walenta. Too classy to be Mrs. Walenta (Crowd agrees, clapping loudly!) Steven could never capture a woman like Miranda! (Crowd goes wild with agreement!)

Baby, of course, is our gorgeous, smart, adorable Kade.

But I want to see Steven and Mrs. Walenta!!!

Steven Walenta said...

Two words - person, ality!!

Cher said...

Hers or yours?